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America's Finest Rotary Blade Grinders


R.B.G. Blade Grinders, a Division of Wall Enterprises, Inc., have been manufacturing Rotary Blade Grinders for 30 years.  THE LEADER IN OUR INDUSTRY, R.B.G. Grinders offers the most complete line of blade grinders, accessories, and grinding wheels available, designed exclusively for your grinding needs.

R.B.G. Blades Grinders are fast and easy to use. Designed to sharpen both right and left hand blades to O.E.M. specifications for angle (bevel) by simply turning the handle located on top of the machine.  Up for a longer bevel, down for a shorter bevel.  This specially designed adjustment allows you to use the grinding wheel right down to the very last.  All electrical components are enclosed and have a grounded circuit for operators protection.

To you our customer, we respectfully submit that your approval of the R.B.G. Blade Grinder has kept us #1 in the Rotary Blade Grinder Industry and we pledge to continue manufacturing R.B.G. Blades Grinders to the highest standards you have become accustomed to.

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